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We are a local-based school wants to bring the most authentic Tai Chi to the community of greater Temecula valley area. It is our believe that everyone can be benefit from Tai Chi practice and achieve self harmony from inside out.

We are committed to help you improve your martial skills, restore your health, prolong your life. We have martial arts and meditation classes for all age. For children, we give more emphasis on physical fitness and character development. For adults,we adhere to our goals of delivering the immense benefits of martial arts including better cardiovascular health, improved muscle tone, increased energy, greater flexibility and more. Self-defense is also being emphasized. 

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We are proudly serving Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Hemet and surrounding areas.

Peter Wu is a certified TaiChi instructor, disciple of Grandmaster Chen XiaoXing, the 19th generation direct lineage holder of Chen style Taijiquan. Peter studied Chen style Taijichuan directly from grandmaster Chen XiaoXing, and his brother, grandmaster Chen XiaoWang. Peter also trained Kung Fu with Shaolin monks included hand forms, weapons, and Qi-gong. In 2016, Peter participated the nationwide tournament ICMAC (International Chinese Martial Art Championship) and was the Gold medalist in Tai Chi hand form and push hand.