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I like Master Wu's teaching style. He provides immediate feedback to students. He gives learners specific information about what they are doing right or wrong so that learners can develop an awareness of their learning, recognize mistakes, and avoid falling into the same old habits.

-- Daisy S.  Cal state Pomona professor

I have been learning Tai Chi with instructor Peter for several months, and it is  quite a fun experience. He is very experienced in teaching because he only correct your positions when you are ready, and never push too hard on students to achieve anything,he always go with the pace that you can bear. Also, he is the most patient instructor I have ever had. He explain the movement by words, and then show the correct movement several times until I get it. He has profound knowledge of Tai Chi, and knows exactly what to teach for different levels.

                                            -- Amy L.

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We are proudly serving Temecula, Murrieta, Lake Elsinore, Hemet and surrounding areas. We can meet at any park that is convenience to you or the comfort of your own home.

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See what they say about Peter......

Peter, who is an excellent and patient Tai Chi instructor. I have been learning Tai Chi with his guidance for few months. His teaching experience is extremely helpful since he patiently correct my position many times until I get it. He is the best Tai Chi instructor I have ever had.

                                             -- Anna S.